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What does it mean to be Well-Nested?

If you’ve known about NEST for a while, you will have seen us use the hashtag #WellNested. But what does it really mean?
We like to think of being Well-Nested to mean being your best. It’s an all-encompassing word for the best you can be, the feeling you get when you think to yourself, “All is right in the world today.” Whether you are sitting somewhere that looks beautiful, with a cup of coffee in one hand, and a book in the other while getting your toes done, or if you’re just getting a quick polish change during your lunch break—you deserve to be #WellNested. And rest assured, we will make absolutely sure that you feel that way too. There are no shortcuts in the pursuit of being Well-Nested, and we will always make sure that all our guests are ready to take on the day, whatever it takes! Being WellNested is being strong, balanced, relaxed, and most importantly pampered so you can take on the world.
“I’m picky. Very picky. I have super high expectations.  When I go to a salon I want to be pampered, I want to relax and let the stress melt away. From the moment I walk into Nest it is a special time. Every detail has been considered, the color of the interior design, the lighting, the diffusing of essential oils, the music being played in the background and the staff. It is beautiful and relaxing. The staff is incredibly professional, true artists of their craft.  One of the critical details that women often times overlook is safety. I rest easy knowing that all materials are sterilized every single time, no file is EVER used on another person. Every precaution is taken to ensure each guest is safe and satisfied. Truly #WellNested. Thank you to the staff of Nest for all you do to make every visit a relaxing and safe but beautiful experience every time.” – Valerie Ramsey, regular guest since June 2019.