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IBX: The Solution to Damaged Nails

In our last blog post, we discussed growing your nails longer, and at the end of it: it all comes down to one thing: avoiding damage. At NEST, we always do our very best to search far and wide for the best products to give our guests what they need, especially when it comes to nail health. We have recently revamped one of our services—the NEST Nail Wellness Manicure—by adding one of the best products in the market right now: IBX.

What is IBX?

IBX is a 2-step nail repairing and strengthening treatment that improves the integrity of the nail plate through any kind of nail service—natural or enhancement. It contains monomers and polymers which bond together with heat to act as “double sided tape” to reattach any separated/delaminated layers of your nail. More than that, it can also fill in grooves and add a protective layer over the nail as it grows out.

What makes it different?

Instead of just sitting on top of your nail to provide protection like other repair gels or treatments, IBX penetrates the nail plate under several layers to reinforce the different layers of the nail. In the words of Australian chemist Dr. Michelle Wong, “it is like pouring concrete into a cup of [loose] pebbles and letting it solidify.”

If I get IBX, can I still get enhancements?

IBX is designed to be used for natural nails or under gel polish, but it can be used under any sort of enhancement either with a full set or a fill. We have an add-on available on the menu for use under enhancements like acrylic, hard/soft gel, polygel, or dip powder.

Trying out our NEST Nail Wellness Manicure with IBX treatment or getting the IBX treatment underneath your nail enhancement is probably the best thing you can do for your nails. What are you waiting for? Your nails will thank you later!