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We do not know of anyone who has not at some point wanted longer, healthier natural nails. In this post, we will be giving you a few tips on how to get the natural nails of your dreams.

  1. DON’T use your nails as tools!

It’s very tempting to use your nails to open a soda can, open your makeup palette, or push buttons. Fight the urge! Use your knuckles and/or finger tips instead.

  1. DO always have something on.

No matter what you have on your nails—whether it is gel polish, regular polish, or dip—it will help protect your nails! Nails are very porous so they will absorb things from the environment that will contribute to either helping or hurting them. With nail polish on (especially if you choose to get our Naturalize Manicure with vitamin-infused nail polish), you can be sure that there is a seal on the surface of your nail that can protect it.

  1. DON’T keep your nails in water for a long time

Hand washing is unavoidable during a time like this, so avoid any other prolonged water exposure as much as possible! Our nails swell when they absorb water while we swim, shower, wash dishes, or do any cleaning. And once dry, they will shrink back to normal. This makes the bonds in your nails weaker over time causing more damage, so try your best to shorten your swim sessions or use gloves when cleaning or doing dishes.

  1. DO moisturize your nails and hands

Extremely dry cuticles will make most people want to chew on their fingernails, so make sure you keep them moisturized! Undermoisturized hands can also cause nail breakage, especially in drier weather like we have here in Henderson. Always use a body oil, hand cream, or lotion to keep your hands hydrated.

  1. DO drink lots of water

Our nails are practically an extension of our skin, so keeping our bodies hydrated makes our skin hydrated, and allows for better and healthier nail growth.

  1. DO get a routine manicure

In anything we do, consistency is key. Getting consistent manicures to make sure everything is being taken care of will definitely help, especially when you have the help of a professional. At NEST, we also have the Nail Wellness Manicure with IBX treatments that will strengthen your nails from the inside out so you can grow long and healthy nails—even if you do gel polish or enhancements.

Don’t forget that long, healthy nails do not come overnight. With patience, just follow these tips, and you’re well on your way to long, healthy, and beautiful nails!